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Random thoughts on Linux (mostly (k)Ubuntu)

Amazon: Windows XP Refund

I’ve been a linux user for quite a while now. I looked to buy a netbook without Windows on it, but due to market conditions, that did not seem possible. Based on this slashdot article, I went ahead and ordered … Continue reading

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ASUS Eee PC 1005HA : Installation Report

I just bought a netbook. It finally boiled down to this: ASUS Eee PC 1005HA. I bought it for the extra battery life, the improved processor power and loads of space. I promptly downloaded Ubuntu Netbook Remix edition to put … Continue reading

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Apologies to Planet Ubuntu Readers

Attention WordPress Users: It turns out when I upgraded to WordPress 2.7, it killed the feed url that I had set up for Planet Ubuntu and defaulted to the main feed for my blog. Hence, all Ubuntu Planet Readers might … Continue reading

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Kaffeine, mceusb and irexec

I have a PVR 150 with the mceusb remote. My setup is a dual screen with an nvidia 6600GT with a monitor and a tv-out on the component out (Y – Pb – Pr; red-green-blue) working with mythfrontend running on … Continue reading

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Geocaching tools in Linux

I just bought a Garmin etrex vista hcx (phew!) handheld GPS unit, in order to use for geocaching. This post aims to address how to send geocaching information to the Garmin GPS device over USB. We will use the excellent … Continue reading

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