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Hey..the title says it all

Nexus One 6 Month Review

I ordered a Nexus One the day it was available. It has now been about 6 months since I first got the phone. Since then, I upgraded to Froyo (Android 2.2) when it was available. (Update: I now run Cyanogenmod … Continue reading

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New and Shiny

Over the last few weeks, I have acquired shiny new toys! # Blackberry Pearl ## Introduction The Pearl (a.k.a. Blackberry 8100) is a small blackberry device. It will fit in your front pocket easily. I have already lost the phone … Continue reading

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You might or might not know that I work on EasyUbuntu. Anyways, we released a beta on April 25th. Since then, we have about 3237 downloads in April, and 4580 downloads in May! A total of 7817 (and counting) downloads … Continue reading

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Tech help for your jobsearch

I’ve been job hunting for some time now, so here are a few tech tips to help you to apply for jobs more effectively. This post will only cover the technical aspects, and **will not** land you a job. That … Continue reading

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Firefox Tip: Kill the Rodent

Did you ever think that using the mouse while browsing was too painful? Here are a few tips to reduce using your “rodent” while browsing. Avoid RSI and Carpal TUnnel Syndrome! Learn the Firefox Keyboard Shortcuts. For example, ctrl + … Continue reading

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