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Video and Audio Editing

I finally got Ubuntu Studio (gutsy) installed directly from the ISO using the the nice Ubuntu wiki article. I did have issues with it not picking up my video card (nvidia 6600gt), but I got around that by booting to … Continue reading

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Make Your Own Passport Size Photos (using GIMP)

As a new year present to the community, here is an small tutorial on making your own passport size pictures using the GIMP. Have a great new years, and hopefully this tutorial will help you when you travel 🙂

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Feisty and a shiny cube – updates

There was a time when I could not get Linux working on my machine. This was circa 2003. This was possibly because I was totally incompetent and that fact that I picked Gentoo for my first install. Then, things got … Continue reading

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Feisty and a shiny cube

Apparently Ubuntu is going to ship binary drivers by default in Feisty. All for a shiny cube. So that Ubuntu can get lots of new users. Linux did not get to where it is by compromising on its principles. Well, … Continue reading

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You might or might not know that I work on EasyUbuntu. Anyways, we released a beta on April 25th. Since then, we have about 3237 downloads in April, and 4580 downloads in May! A total of 7817 (and counting) downloads … Continue reading

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