Hi there!

My name is Venkat Raghavan, and welcome to my website. You will find miscellaneous (and hopefully interesting and useful) information about my interests and thoughts.

I like reading, and have been trying to make good use of the public libraries around where I live. I now mainly read books on my Barnes and Nobles Nook reader. See my online book-list.

Listening to music is one of my passions. The bands I mostly listen to are Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Rush and Pearl Jam. I have also developed a liking for fusion music.
I listen to most of my music online nowadays. My last.fm page is here.

You can find the project I have worked on in the past on the projects page, though this is massively outdated.

My experiments with various operating systems, like Windows, Mac OS X and Linux have led me to settle down with (x)ubuntu, a linux distro for human beings. The philosophy and quality of the software, and the great user community have helped me make that choice. Go Xubuntu!

I also have a netbook (asus eeepc 1005 ha, which runs eeebuntu with xmonad window manager on it. The underlying OS is likely to change with time! I have upgraded to a Thinkpad since then, but still have the netbook!

I am a philosophical agnostic, but a practical atheist. I am beginning an attempt to document why I am an atheist on this site. Hopefully, it will help the viewer of this site with their philosophical qualms.

That’s it from me, and hope you enjoy your stay here!

This page was last updated on November 11th, 2017