ASUS Eee PC 1005HA : Installation Report

I just bought a netbook. It finally boiled down to this: ASUS Eee PC 1005HA. I bought it for the extra battery life, the improved processor power and loads of space.

I promptly downloaded Ubuntu Netbook Remix edition to put on it. Installation was straight forward from the USB stick image. Almost all of the hardware worked except the wireless card and the wired ethernet. However, workarounds for this are documented at the Ubuntu Netbook Hardware Support page. However, all keys did not work as expected.

So, I went with eeebuntu which offers customized installation for the eeepc netbooks. Most of the function keys except the “toggle touchpad” work. I had the same issue with this distribution with regards to the wired and wireless internet. Installing a kernel that is backported from karmic fixed the issue with the wireless.

The wireless does not resume if the netbook is suspended with the wireless turned on. However, if the wireless radio is turned off before suspend, the wireless radio can be turned on when the netbook recovers out of suspend.

Update (08/10/2009): The toggle touchpad button now works
I am using the testing repository.
I also enabled shmconfig using hal in ‘/etc/hal/fdi/policy/synaptics.fdi

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7 Responses to ASUS Eee PC 1005HA : Installation Report

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  2. John Montgomery says:

    Congrats on your new machine! I tried the eeebuntu route myself – ended up back at plain old vanilla Ubuntu Netbook Remix. I installed eee-control along with it (much easier to deal with than mucking around with all those scripts that get installed with eeebuntu) and ALL of my function keys work, including toggle touchpad. Plus eee-control let’s you customize key assignments through a very simple gui, and best of all it no longer requires a custom kernel in order to behave properly. It just works – and does so just fine with the default kernel. You might conisder giving it a try.


  3. ikkefc3 says:

    I installed the 2.6.31-5 kernel from karmi, added the xorg edgers ppa for new intel drivers and installed elmurato’ scripts to get it working properly. There are some things that do not work, like the fan control (depends on your 1005HA model, the 1005-HA-M has the traditional eee fan, while the 1005-HA-H has a different fan, I don’t know what the 1005HA-P has). Also, the wifi connection is unstable on a lot of Atheros 9285 wifi chipsets: if you download (e.g. install kubuntu-desktop) a lot, your connection will fall away. I’m wondering if I’m the only one having this problem (i’ve experienced it on the 1005HA and the Toshiba NB200).

    Does your EEE 1005HA have problems with suspend and resume?


  4. robotgeek says:

    If I turn wireless off before suspend, I don’t have any issues while resuming.


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  6. John Wells says:

    I had no problems installing standard Ubuntu Netbook Remix. I detail all the steps necessary on my blog at . Ifyou follow this, you won’t have problems with wireless wake-up.



  7. Giuseppe says:

    In my case I can get the wireless working after resuming from suspend, but not the LAN. It seems that it totally disappear from the hardware list. lshw -C network .
    Any ideas?



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