Amazon: Windows XP Refund

I’ve been a linux user for quite a while now. I looked to buy a netbook without Windows on it, but due to market conditions, that did not seem possible.

Based on this slashdot article, I went ahead and ordered the same item. (see my report on it here)

The first conversation was over the phone, which did not get me anywhere.

I had better luck over email. They offered me a refund of 10% on the price of the netbook, along with keeping Windows on it.

I however, asked again pointing to the slashdot article and after that they refunded me the price of Windows XP according to the article: $65.45

Thank you amazon for being so awesome!

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4 Responses to Amazon: Windows XP Refund

  1. Martey says:

    I think it’s weird that they offered you a 10% refund with the ability to keep Windows. Did they think you were complaining about the netbook’s price?


  2. robotgeek says:

    No. I think it would have been worth for them to offer me a reduced price. If I returned the product, they would incur costs in terms of restocking, and taking a loss by reselling a used product.


  3. That’s great!

    It seems as though Amazon are listening in many circumstances. Since my post on this a few weeks ago ( several others have reported success.

    Unfortunately there have been some situations where a request for a refund has fallen on deaf ears (

    But I think the trend is definitely going in the right direction.

    Keep up the pressure. There is now a rumour that Asus are to re-introduce Linux on their products…

    FYI – I installed Karmic my 1008HA and it’s great.


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