Laundry Hack

Everybody goes through the same rigmarole. Wash your clothes on a weekly basis, and use the dryer to dry them. Then you probably iron them, before you let them hang in your closet.

Hack #1: Iron Elimination
If you take your clothes out as soon as it finishes drying, and hang them in your closet, there is no need to iron clothes. Clothes may not look starched, but they will be wrinkle free!

Hack #2: Iron Elimination, Part 2
Sometime I forget to take clothes out of the dryer after it is finished. Or I run of time. At any rate, the clothes stay in there too long, and they get wrinkled.

I found out today that if you let your dryer run for 15 minutes (with your clothes in them!), and then hang your clothes back in your closet, they are less wrinkled (less perfect than method 1), but still acceptably clean. This works best in winter since you are probably going to wear a sweater over the damn thing anyway 🙂

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5 Responses to Laundry Hack

  1. Unwashed Masses says:

    Irons? Seriously? I guess I must be a slob, but I never iron anything.


  2. Kirrus says:

    This is assuming you have a dryer 😉

    I do not. I’d like one!

    The trick when you don’t, is hang wet shirts etc up on coathangers to dry., straight out of the washing machine. No wrinkles 🙂


  3. Tomas says:

    I doubt many people outside of USA use dryers at all.

    I have been using it for some time now though but I never ironed anything anyway – if you hang the clothes properly to dry naturally, they scarcely need ironing.

    And anyway, RTLM (L=lovely)- at least for my dryer, it is clearly stated that clothes should not stay in the dryer ofter drying so that it is not wrinkled.


  4. robotgeek says:

    Well, I used to hang my clothes on a clothes line back in India. However, that is not an option here in the US!


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