Kaffeine, mceusb and irexec

I have a PVR 150 with the mceusb remote. My setup is a dual screen with an nvidia 6600GT with a monitor and a tv-out on the component out (Y – Pb – Pr; red-green-blue) working with mythfrontend running on the tv output (you can configure this in the myth setup screen). See: xorg.conf.

The mythbuntu lirc generator does not have support for kaffeine. There are two ways to go about this (also see: Lirc Wiki Page)

1) Install kdelirc package and start the irkick program and configure it.
2) Keep all the remote stuff together using lirc and irexec.

I have added the same information to the lirc wiki page (also see ~/.lircrc and ~/.lirc/kaffeine). If you do not use the mceusb remote, you will have to change the names of the remote and buttons to get it to work.)

I also have irexec autostart by creating a script file irexec.sh (don’t forget to make the script executable) in ~/.kde/Autostart.

/usr/bin/irexec -d

To assign other buttons to kaffeine, enter dcop kaffeine KaffeineIface and dcop kaffeine KaffeinePartIface to get all available DCOP functions.

With this configuration, I can now use my remote with kaffeine.

Now, off to actually watch something… 🙂

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