USB Booting for Bios Update

I bought some extra RAM for my machine (it has 4GB of RAM now). However, the computer would not recognize the extra RAM. So, off I went to my motherboard manufacturer’s site and looked up possible BIOS updates.

And then, the question is…how do you update your bios without a floppy disk. I did not have cd-rw’s at hand, so I had to get it working with a usb flash drive.

After lot of research, I found a

  1. HP Drive Key Booting Utility
  2. A bootable cdrom image from

Installed the utility, and picked the bootable image (.img format). And I was off to the races….

I wish I had run into this page earlier.

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  1. chanhdat says:

    You can make computer recognize 4+ GB Ram if you use a 64biit OS, or


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