rm -rf /Facebook/me

Hi Venkat,

We have deleted your profile information and removed your email address from our login database. Please let me know if you have further questions or concerns.

User Operations

I am finally off facebook. It was a easy enough process, just fill a form out and send it. Anyways, I have few friends on facebook.

I won’t be back till they earn my trust by putting a “Delete my Account” link right next to the “Deactivate Account”.

A few have asked on how to do this. You simply contact them using the contact form, and put “Delete my account” in the subject, and “Delete my account” in the body, with or without any additional comments. Thanks to the “How to I delete my facebook account” facebook group for this tip 🙂

See also: Facebook Help, last entry.

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7 Responses to rm -rf /Facebook/me

  1. Igor says:

    Why people is so dramatic gosh!


  2. Ryan Prior says:

    I am looking forward to data portability between Facebook and a FOSS system – just port all my Facebook data, friends, and all to my own system. Until that comes, I’ll probably still use Facebook, even though rms wouldn’t approve.


  3. Would you mind sharing how the rest of us can do this?


  4. robotgeek says:


    In your account page, there is a contact form which you can use to contact facebook customer support.

    Just put : “Delete my account” in the subject and in the body of the email. 🙂



  5. rich says:

    do you reckon they actually deleted your information, though?


  6. Wolfger says:

    So now we now the “how”… My question is “Why?”
    Why did you delete your account, when you state you’ll come back only if they give you a button with which to delete your account again? This makes no sense to me.


  7. kyle says:

    It’s called integrity. But you might know it is making a stand. It’s also why Venkat is so cool.

    Also, Hi Venkat! I posted on your blog 🙂


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