Video and Audio Editing

I finally got Ubuntu Studio (gutsy) installed directly from the ISO using the the nice Ubuntu wiki article. I did have issues with it not picking up my video card (nvidia 6600gt), but I got around that by booting to the recovery console and installing the needed nvidia stuff. Hopefully, the new alpha does the bullet proof X stuff!

Anyways, I have never done any podcasting/video creation using Linux. I did not know where to start off, so I started trying the programs one by one. The sound category is a winner, and audacity does all that I need really well.

The video part, is another story! I tried cinelerra, and it was way too complicated for me to use. I have the sneaky suspicion that it has a steep learning curve, but is a great tool. Only time will tell 🙂

I ended up using kdenlive to put all my videos together. I also used avidemux to edit some of the clips. It took me a while to understand how everything works, but I finally got a handle on it. Everything was fine and dandy till I tried exporting my video. The audio sync with the video was screwed up, right at the end. No matter what I did, it screwed up the video that I captured from my video camera. The frustrating part was that the preview window displayed the video correctly.

I finally googled around, and looked at a bug related to ntsc and audio sync problems on kdenlive. I changed that to PAL (who cares, we are doing digital video anyways!) and it exported correctly. Here is the obligatory youtube link!

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  1. THanks for posting. I submited a couple “ubuntu ideas” to the new site regarding the need for a well polished and simple general user video editor / manager and more importantly in the short term improvements on the Firefox video plugins to display download status better, auto start and such. Firefox 3b3 is already way better.

    ANyway, been following Planet Ubuntu alot lately… seems to be getting very interesting. I come from the mac world and the pre-youtube videoblogging world… been working on standards like mediaRSS, software like Miro, and webservices like in the video space. I’m a huge fan of Miro and Digikam and am anxious to see a well polished simple video editor/manager on ubuntu soon.

    I haven’t checked out Cinelerra in to long… looks like it might be getting pretty polished. Maybe it’ll come to KDE or gnome soon.


  2. BRT says:

    Dear Sir,

    Nice to get the same solution on your blog…

    i was also hit by the strange exporting issue of kdenlive.

    After changing to PAL system, anything fine.

    It seems all the newer DVD player could support both

    of them already.. right??

    Anyway, nice to meet you here and share the info.


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