New and Shiny

Over the last few weeks, I have acquired shiny new toys!

# Blackberry Pearl

## Introduction

The Pearl (a.k.a. Blackberry 8100) is a small blackberry device. It will fit in your front pocket easily. I have already lost the phone in my bermuda shorts about 3 times now. I got myself a holster to “fix” the issue.


## Pros

* Easy to use phone
* I just love the voice dialing feature on this phone
* I was apprehensive about “Suretype”, but it works well. So, typing names and everything else works!
* Decent battery life
* Sensible defaults to aggressively increase battery life (shutting off screen while calling, etc)
* Light sensor detects and switches on/off the keyboard backlight based on how dark it is
* Good call quality
* Decent set of apps to go with the phone. Google maps, google calendar (sync) and Berry 411!

## Cons
* Software has a tendency to crash on a few actions. I tend not to do that.
* Linux support is piss poor! Open up your communication spec.

# Plantronics Voyager 510 Bluetooth Headset

This is a slightly expensive bluetooth headset, but it was worth the money.

Plantronics 510 Headset

## Pros

* Very comfortable to wear – This is now my preferred mode of talking on the cellphone.
* Decent battery life – 6.5 hours is claimed ( I have not spoken that long!)

## Cons
* None!

# PCHdTV Hd Tv Tuner Card

This [PCHdTV]( card is a linux only card. That means that it is not supported on Windows and Mac OS X. So, I thought that it might be a good idea to support these guys 🙂

This card is supposed to get HD streams off the air. That means, it most probably will not work with your **digital cable**. Unless your cable provider leaves the channels unencrypted.

## Pros

* Card driver support is in kernel! No compiling, no nothing. Plug card in, it just works with everything. Tvtime, Mythtv and so on!

## Cons
* None yet, it has only been a day since I got it!

# Canon S3 IS

This is a 6.1 MP camera. Still have to explore the features on the thing. But I have a feeling that I will love this thing. The first picture of a human I took with this camera impressed the hell out of me. Cause, I have been known to take really really bad pictures!

PCHdTV Image

# Pros

* Simple controls (I figured how to set the self timer on without messing with the manual. Hah!)
* Works with Linux! Plugged it in, and digikam took care of importing the pictures.
* Works with 4 AA batteries

# Cons
* A bit bulky, but I knew that when I was getting it. I just thought it was worth a mention!
* It been only 5 hours since I got it, I am sure I will find something to crib about.

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