Firefox Tip: Kill the Rodent

Did you ever think that using the mouse while browsing was too painful? Here are a few tips to reduce using your “rodent” while browsing. Avoid RSI and Carpal TUnnel Syndrome!

  • Learn the Firefox Keyboard Shortcuts. For example, ctrl + l takes you to the location bar.
  • Setup custom keyword searches for your regular searches, it is a lot faster than ctrl + k (shortcut for search field), and selecting the search engine.
  • Install the extension NextPlease for reading mailing lists, forums, etc. Highly recommended!
  • Install the extension Hit-a-Hint for giving you a listing of all the links on a page. Hit a key and go to the page!

If you are using Linux, you could just use Konqueror, an excellent-fully-loaded web browser with all the above features inbuilt!

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2 Responses to Firefox Tip: Kill the Rodent

  1. alan says:

    how do you get the features of NextPlease in konqueror?


  2. robotgeek says:

    [Comment ID #769 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Tools -> Plugins -> Document Relations

    Enable that plugin and good to go!


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