Mac OS X Wireless Cards Compatibility List

I see that people still visit this page. However, I don’t use OS X anymore and this list is definitely defunct! You may use this information if relevant on your wiki/website/public wiki.

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I was tired of trying to find if a wireless card would run under Mac OS X. Hence, I have started this list in hope that all Mac users not using airport cards could find a replacement easily.

For linux though, the main list is at Linux-wlan project page.This list heavily derives from that list.

Okie…here is what I know..others are welcome to add on.

Chipsets and OS compatibility

Broadcom (No support for Linux)
PrismGT (Supported under Linux and OS X)
RT2500 by Ralink (Supported under Linux and OS X)
Atheros (Supported under Linux, under OS X using drivers from Orangeware Corp)

More importantly, I would like to list the cards which are availabe in the market, at retail outlets like Fry’s.

Wireless G Cards
Airlink AWLC3025 54Mpbs Wireless- G PC Notebook Adapter
Uses a Texas Instruments based chipset. No support for OS X and Linux.

Belkin F5D7010 Wireless-G PC Notebook Adapter
Older versions uses a broadcom chipset. (Works in OS X, no Linux support)
Newer versions use RT2500 chipset. (Works in OS X and Linux)

Belkin F5D8010 Wireless Pre-N Notebook Network Card
It’s a pre-N card. Probably not supported in OS X and Linux

Buffalo WLI-CB-G54L 54Mbps Wireless-G Notebook Adapter
Older model uses Broadcom chipset.
No clue about G54L version.

D-Link DWL-923 54Mbps Wireless-G PC Notebook Kit
No idea

D-Link DWL-G630 54Mbps Wireless-G PC Notebook Adapter
Atheros chipset??

D-Link DWL-G650 108Mbps Wireless-G PC Notebook Adapter
Older versions: Prism GT
Newer versions: Atheros

Hawking HWC54g 54Mbps Wireless-G PC Adapter
Prism GT

Linksys WKPC54G Wireless-G Notebook PC Kit
No clue about WKPC54G
Though, WPC54G uses Broadcom chipset.

Netgear Cards
All of them use the Prism Gt chipset.

If you need more info, please look at the Linux-wlan compatibility list.

A summary:

Broadcom drivers work out of the box for OS X machines and card detects as an airport card.

Atheros drivers are supposed to work with drivers from Orangeware corp .

Prism GT drivers are available from the Prism 54 site. OS X drivers for the Prism cards may be downloaded from the Apple website.The drivers are provided by binaervarianz.

Ralink drivers are available from the Ralink support page .

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2 Responses to Mac OS X Wireless Cards Compatibility List

  1. Unknown says:

    Netgear uses any number of chipset. Recently purchased WG511v2 which had the useless (for Linux) Marvell chipset.


  2. d says:

    Netgear WG511v2 oSX
    Where i can this soft update?
    sys mac os 10.4.3


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