The TV Free Week Experiment

Lately, my wife and I have been thinking how much time we spend on TV/Internet/Phones. We’ve come to the conclusion that we spend too much time on these things.

We are sufficiently caught up on all the shows that we care about – Dr. Who, Breaking Bad, Dexter etc.

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Moved to Arch Linux

I recently wiped the Ubuntu install that I had been upgrading since 2007 and moved to Arch Linux.

The main reason was that I have not upgraded my computer for a long long time (2007!) and my machine has not been keeping up with Ubuntu features. They are nice to look at, but are pretty painful when you try to use them on a slow PC.

Combined with the nasty Gnome Classic bugs and such, I am just done with this!

I almost went with Debian – the old familiar. However, I wanted to learn something new and the added advantage of always being at the latest version of things seemed appealing.

So far, the install took me the longest. I finally got Grub to work the way I wanted to and Arch Installed on my HDD. I’m using a fairly minimal system – awesome window manager and some other tools here and there.

I’ve now managed to get everything installed, and restore all my data back in. Slowly, but surely I am getting everything back to way it was.

So far, the only difference I feel is that instead of apt-getting stuff, I am pacmaning stuff. Will see how I feel when my system crashes!

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Update 2012 through 2013

It has been a terribly long time since I’ve blogged. It certainly has been a busy busy time.

In the past two years, several things have happened – as expected.

I’ve turned 30. Hit the BIG THREE O. It does not feel any different on this side of the hill. I am now 31 – still does not feel any different.

I got married to my lovely Danielle. I’ve enjoyed the progression from girlfriend -> fiance -> Wife, but sometimes cannot get used to the fact that we are married! It is a big milestone and I am looking forward to the rest of my life.

I’ve skydived and scuba dived. I am now a certified open water diver – this is the base certification. I hope to get to scuba dive around here.

I’ve lost 30 pounds, gained all of it back and trying to lose it all again!

Otherwise, I have not been up to much :)

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Directory Watchdog

Found a python library to check if a directory changed ( Trying to use this for some stuff I am trying to do at work.

The funny thing is that the last draft of this post was on 3/28/2012 and it has been over a year and half since I clicked – Post!

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It has been a while

It has been a while since I posted on the blog. Blogging took a backseat, but hopefully I am back here now.

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